Responsible dog owners keep their pets on leash

I read the Mirror story on Dr. Jessica Shepherd (April 27) and I appreciate all of her hard work with finding homes for abused dogs.

The best part of the picture was the responsible owners of the dogs, having them on a leash.

Numerous times coming by Fairview Ballpark, dog owners let their dogs run loose while people are walking and children are playing.

There is a leash law in Pennsylvania that prohibits dogs to run loose without a leash.

The most famous words used by dog owners whose dog has bitten somebody — especially a child — is, “My dog doesn’t bite.”

I’m sure that makes the victim feel better.

Once again, thank you Shepherd and also to all the other dog owners who do it the right way.

Ken Garman


(The writer is a former K-9 handler for the Altoona Police Department.)


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