Let’s forge ahead, make our predecessors proud

Prior to March 13 I did not use these words on a daily basis — contactless, unprecedented, COVID-19, essential business and virtual meeting.

As a lifelong resident of Blair County, a person the CDC deems high risk for COVID-19 and as an employee who works at a health care provider and has worked every day through the pandemic, I implore our elected leaders to lead.

People have personal responsibility, but elected officials need to lead us through this uncharted maze. We need to reopen Blair County. I wonder why common sense along with science cannot be our guide.

We need some normalcy to return so as a society we can move on. We will be stronger, as we have shown true grit and the American spirit through this adversity.

My parents are both passed, but lived and survived the Great Depression.

Let’s make the greatest generation proud of all of us by being the generation that gets through this sensibly and gets back to living — just living — every day following all CDC guidelines.

Americans do not lock themselves up, they face issues head on. It is time to reopen Blair County not for economic reasons alone, but for a generation that needs to get back at it and move forward.

Rebecca Y. Winkler



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