Kibler provides ‘calming’ coverage

What a powerful article that Bill Kibler wrote in the May 14 Mirror.

I’ve been intently reading everything I can find regarding the COVID-19 issue over the past few months, including those on the internet.

His by far was not the most informative, but also, the most calming. It was not only full of valid perspectives, but clarified the reality and direction in which the pandemic is headed.

I strongly recommend your readers retrieve that article to read with focused scrutiny. Such credible sources. Such involved sources and based right here in our wonderful community of Altoona. Such connections.

I am accustomed to seeing Kibler at most political functions for which he reports well, but regarding this pandemic situation, his article provides excellent insight and deserving repeating, calming.

The profile you published on Kibler, in the Mirror senior section, a few weeks ago came to light in this article.

Jan Mills Sr.



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