Americans need to get their priorities straight

We still have Americans refusing to wear a face covering because they won’t concede we are right smack dab in the midst of the worst global crisis in a century.

Now these same people are chastising President Donald Trump for focusing on the issue of immigration. People are exiting where the COVID-19 is running rampant and heading here.

This president tried years ago to deal with immigration but was stonewalled, and now he has to do it as a result of this pandemic in an effort to protect us.

His goal for years has been to protect domestic jobs and public health as the U.S. economy continues to fluctuate. This is strongly supported by a very large base and, as expected, those calling themselves Democrats are quickly pushing back, accusing the president of shifting focus to immigration, giving the perception his administration has botched its response to the corona­virus.

Isn’t this immigration thing what brought the virus here — making this call a big positive for America long overdue?

Had we not been giving billions to this country and that country or foreign organizations, think of what we would have in our rainy-day fund to cover us during this time of crisis.

Are you wearing a mask and washing your hands or are you too macho? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is warning that a second wave of the coronavirus will be far more devastating because it’s likely to coincide with the start of flu season.

There’s a possibility the attack of the virus on our nation next winter will actually be more dangerous than the one we’re now facing.

The U.S. House and Senate’s passage of a $484 billion corona­virus relief bill is setting the stage for negotiations on an even bigger package that could rival the $2.2 trillion CARES Act passed by Congress last month.

The Democrats are already stonewalling while planning to provide a chunk of it to those who aren’t major players in the virus war. Those folks from the far left just love to give your money away.

This legislation could funnel hundreds of billions to state and local governments with no requirement for its use and could be used to address things like infrastructure spending and election security.

Wouldn’t it be better used finding a vaccine or ensuring our medical professionals have tools they need to protect both themselves and the patients and providing additional health care workers on the front lines?

Humanitarianism is a wonderful thing when you aren’t harming America in the process.

My guess is you would be hard pressed to find any other country that has an American foreign aid package built into their country’s budget.

William Fink



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