America is no longer truly ‘land of the free’

Part of the last line of the national anthem of the United States of America includes, “the land of the free…”

But is the USA truly “the land of the free”?

How quickly the entire country fell to its knees, and said to government, “what do you want us to do?”

Government obliged, and told us what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where to do it. Think of how most of the country is now dependent on government.

Can we be free if government tells us when and for how long we are to stay in our homes? Can we be free if government can shut down businesses? Can we be free if government tells us where we can and cannot go? Can we be free if government can specify what constitutes an “essential” business?

Most believe that all business is essential; after all, we need the paychecks.

How can it be, that in the United States of America, people are threatened with fines and arrest for attending churches that hold “drive-in” services?

During the attack on Sept. 11, 2001, all churches were open. Now, during the pandemic, churches are closed.

Don’t the people of the United States want to seek God’s solution?

Government has decided that it can tell people when they can go back to work and what behaviors they must exhibit while at work.

Grocery stores change regularly by placing directional arrows on floors and aisles, requiring facial masks and installing plexiglass. Many shelves are empty; it’s like shopping in a third-world country.

Aren’t we governed by a constitution? The greatest document ever conceived — since there is a shortage — might as well be used as toilet paper.

It has been cast aside by Democrats and Republicans. Three years of fantastic advances and improvements have been destroyed in a matter of a few weeks.

Let’s get back to the constitution and freedoms guaranteed to us by the constitution.

How can we trust any elected official who says that the Bill of Rights is “above my pay grade”?

David Greenwood



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