There’s no such thing as non-essential business

If you think Covid-19 is a threat, then you have no idea what is about to hit.

Our economy is about to collapse.

It will be all those “non-essential” businesses that will take down everything with it. Keep in mind that 996 people out of 1,000 will survive Covid-19 (based on recent test results from California and New York).

That statistic is not so true with the restaurant industry who is this nation’s largest employer.

I work for a manufacturer that produces carry out containers. Our business spiked when carry out was the only means for restaurants to earn revenue.

Growing unemployment has finally made carry out dinners unaffordable. The ripple effect from this is enormous. We have three plants — employs over 200 people — and we are closing all three next week.

Many segments such as farming, trucking, food processing plants, food service distribution, wholesale distribution, seasonings manufacturers, condiment manufacturing, bakeries (this is just a short list) are being impacted. We need to open the economy immediately.

And it needs to open up completely without restriction, without burdensome regulation and requirements.

If 85% of the people who become infected with Covid-19 are asymptomatic or exhibit mild symptoms then fighting this virus with containment is futile.

You cannot contain an infection when you cannot identify who has it and who does not. If this highly contagious virus spreads rapidly among the 85% who are not at risk (not to mention representing about 100% of the workers in our society) then population immunity can be achieved.

This immunity will benefit the vulnerable as well. In the short term, individuals at risk can take necessary measures for protecting themselves while medical resources are focused on providing medical treatments to save as many lives as possible.

This appears to be a faster and more productive way to bring an end to this virus than social isolation with hopes a vaccine (which also provides population immunity) will be discovered.

Remember — we still have no effective vaccine for the cold or influenza. There is sufficient fear and caution within the public that a slow opening of the economy is going to happen without any controls needed by government.

Please open up all businesses today. The economic future is not very good and will get worse with each day.

David Lutz



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