Writer criticizing Trump can use history lesson

In response to the Michael Stubler letter to the editor (“Trump isn’t fit to lead the country,” March 5), first of all, public education is not a choice because of expense. All kids should have a choice where they want to be educated, private or public.

For those students who choose private institutions, their fees should be picked up by the school district that collects taxes for education. As long as the cost doesn’t exceed the public education cost, private schools should be reimbursed by the local school district.

Secondly, a note on our intelligence agency: It has been corrupt for years.

The people in charge have gone from swearing to their oath of office to becoming married to a political party or ambitions.

Our agencies elected officials to employ organized crime to protect our harbors during WWII, included them in the elections of prominent politicians, like the Kennedys, and were recruited to assassinate Fidel Castro.

The irony of this is that it wasn’t until 1957 that J. Edgar Hoover even acknowledged there was a Mafia or organized crime.

As for the Centers for Disease Control, if you or anyone has a crystal ball to predict the next disease crisis, please step forward.

It’s easy to blame someone else for your concerns, but I suggest you look in a mirror, and you’ll find the problem.

Gary Lascoli



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