Trump statements are threat to elderly

I was reading an article in “market.businessinsider.com,” and I could not believe what I was reading.

There was an article about a Donald Trump’s gathering at Fox News Town Hall Forum. It stated, “Trump said he’ll cut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare if reelected in order to shrink trillions of dollars in the National Debt.”

In my estimation, this man has no idea of the hardship it would cause to the needy, elderly, disabled and children that are currently on these programs, and personally, I don’t think he cares.

The statement he made is a threat to all the elderly people who have paid into the Social Security program for years just to have a supplemental (entitlement) income and be somewhat comfortable in their declining years.

These statements that Trump blurts out in public don’t affect him or his family so why should he care? If he would only think twice before he speaks in public and makes these cruel and irrational statements, he would be more respected as our president.

Clifford Beaudoin



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