Trump isn’t fit to lead country

I have a question to pose to the readers of the Mirror.

How much longer can we tolerate the sophomoric, puerile behavior demonstrated by the POTUS? He has successfully attacked American institutions such as the intelligence community, the Department of Education and now the Centers for Disease Control.

Where is the justified outrage?

He has turned the Legislature, an equal branch of the government, by filling the hallowed halls of the Senate with sycophants praising the dear leader.

He has since focused his attention on the judiciary, which could possibly be the last line of defense from a president who is an authoritarian wannabe.

He has publicly taken the side of a leader from a hostile government over his own intelligence officers. This is not hyperbole. This is a very real existential threat to this republic in which we live.

Stay vigilant and be sure to vote this November.

Michael Stubler



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