Sanctuary ordinances would bring legal issues

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment along with the other 26 amendments given to us in this great country.

I am also for reasoning and understanding the implications of attempting local ordinances to support our rights — a middle-ground conservative who looks at all options and rationalizes in an attempt to come up with cost effective solutions to woes of county operations.

With a sanctuary ordinance, Blair County would likely see legality issues and costs associated with it. For every two in favor, there will be at least one opposed to the idea, which is enough to challenge and cost the taxpayers.

Ultimately, local law enforcement would be required to enforce any such actions.

Sheriff Jim Ott has shown great support in favor of Second Amendment rights. I can’t speak for all law enforcement departments, but I’ll go out a limb and say they wouldn’t be willing to take on this task, either.

Commissioner Bruce Erb offered a more simplified solution, providing a resolution enforcing that the county supports the Second Amendment while sending a gentle message to state officials without a long drawn-out legal battle.

Sanctuary ordinances have been an ongoing battle with immigration, costing those communities. We can’t afford that. County budget is top priority and keeping to that may mean keeping it simple.

Joseph A. Zolna



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