Protecting our amendments vital

As a Blair County resident, I am ecstatic that we are finally ratifying one of the critical amendments in the Bill of Rights, but we should certainly not stop there.

For the sake of consistency, I would ask that the following resolutions be presented at the next commissioners meeting:

1. The First Amendment Sanctuary resolution: If Congress makes a law against free speech, police won’t be given funding to prevent people from speaking.

2. The Third Amendment Sanctuary resolution: If Gov. Tom Wolf forces us to house, feed and clothe the Pennsylvania State Guard, police won’t be given funding to force people to keep them.

3. The Eighth Amendment Sanctuary resolution: No money will be allocated to the police for the purpose of torturing residents of Blair County.

4. The Thirteenth Amendment Sanctuary resolution: Law enforcement will not be given tax dollars to round up slaves.

Personally, I find the prospect of slavery (or even being forced to quarter soldiers) far worse than the prospect of police taking guns away from violent criminals, so if possible, I hope you’d consider pushing the previous four resolutions first.

Marina Moses



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