Plug should be pulled on Lakemont drainage

The pond at Lakemont is nothing more than a large retainage area for runoff and drainage for the mall, the ballfield and all of eastern Pleasant Valley from First Street down.

It never was anything but a drainage ditch to collect runoff from sewers and discharge drainage the whole way down the valley.

A simple solution would be to pull the plug and revert it back to a drainage ditch and recoup the ground area back to some very valuable real estate, which would be a large increase in tax revenue to Blair County.

As it is now, being covered with water, it has no beneficial use for recreation or fishing or any other public use. The public is not even allowed on or near it.

About the only thing it is good for is growing mosquitoes. Should the county waste tax dollars dredging this mud hole.

Blair County wants to haul this silt back up to the top of the Buckhorn mountain in Cambria County so it can pollute Dysart’s water supply, then end up in Clearfield Creek and eventually back down to Chesapeake Bay.

Does this make sense?

Al Ingham



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