Plan needed to protect Pennsylvanians’ votes

While I applaud Bob Casey’s vote for impeachment, we are unfortunately now beyond that.

We need to look ahead to Pennsylvania’s primary elections and those throughout the U.S. and devise a plan to ensure that Russian influence will not play a part, whether that’s here in Pennsylvania or beyond.

I want to know what safeguards will be put in place for the Pennsylvania primary elections on April 28.

What is the plan to ensure that Pennsylvania votes matter, and what plan does Congress have in place to protect votes beyond Pennsyl­vania to make sure that our democracy stays intact during those elections?

What is the point of voting if this type of influence keeps re-occurring?

There must be a plan in place prior to the primaries so that Pennsylvanians know their votes are heard and matter.

Otherwise, the quote on the inscription above the front door of the Finance Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from the 1930s — “All public service is a trust, given in faith and accepted in honor” — does not matter, either.

Erica Parsons

State College


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