Number of lost jobs in past year alarming

Where are the jobs that we were promised?

I want to take the time to address the current job situation in and around our Altoona and Blair County area.

The facts are that we have lost well over 800 family sustaining jobs in the last year alone in our area, (Norfolk Southern, Watco, Sproul Brickyard, Cenveo, Roaring Spring Mill and North American Communications).

And none of these were entry-level jobs but good paying jobs. I know we were promised that manufacturing would return to our country, but if you’re using Blair County as an example, you would be badly mistaken in the fact that we have lost all of these good jobs.

Where is our local congressman? Why is he not beating the drum for these losses and bringing new and better jobs to replace those that were lost?

We have never lost this many good-paying jobs in such a short time in my memory, which goes back to the 1950s.

I would also like to urge those that continue to go after Commissioner Bruce Erb in a negative fashion for becoming the president commissioner to think before you speak. This man is easily the best qualified commissioner for the president’s slot and will work on behalf of each and every one of our Blair County residents.

Robert K. Kutz


(The writer is president of the Blair-Bedford County Central Labor Council.)


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