More police presence needed in Altoona

With the death of 15-year-old Devon Pfirsching, I have to wonder why we don’t see more police patrols on our Altoona streets.

I respect all police very much, but it’s my opinion that, as a city, we could do more to ensure safety, public security and well-being.

Traffic lights can’t solely control traffic. Street lights can’t solely control crime. It takes officers patrolling.

I know things are different now than 50 years ago, but in my opinion, we can still deter crime.

A young man is dead because of a large problem not just in Altoona, but everywhere — drugs and wannabe thugs. Citizens, as well as police, can do more to keep our streets, youth and all citizens safer.

Again I’m not bashing any one entity, just trying to state an opinion and raise awareness.

William John Hughes



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