Gun-rights advocates need to be heard

I have attended several meetings in the last few weeks dealing with our Second Amendment rights.

Some would say that in Blair County, the people who live here would support the right to bear arms. Well, I am here to tell you that the number of people showing up for these meetings would make me believe otherwise.

Where are all the gun clubs and sportsman associations? Wouldn’t it be in their best interest to attend these meetings? Where are all the gun owners? Are we all so sure that the government, including state government, will not violate our god-given rights?

There are no less than 28 gun bills waiting in Harrisburg to take your gun rights away. There is no guarantee that these bills will not be passed, yet we sit idly by while the Democrats fight to take these rights away.

You need to get involved now before it’s too late.

Call your representatives and make it known that your rights are not to be voted away. Get involved and make your voice heard or that giant sucking sound Ross Perot talked about will be you gun rights going down the drain.

Edward Wojcik



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