B-A leadership was anything but super

Along with many others, I attended the most recent Bellwood-Antis School Board meeting.

I’m sure that many of those present came away thoroughly disgusted and disillusioned over Superintendent Thomas McInroy’s handling of the recent alleged sexual abuse situation involving one of our wrestling coaches.

We cannot understand why this individual was permitted to continue his employment at the school working with junior high students/wrestlers.

The way I understand it, this superintendent initially suspended this coach. Then along with approval of Blair County Children and Youth Services, he came to some sort of agreement with guidelines to put this coach back to work in our school district. This coach was already reported to law enforcement, allegedly for sexual offenses against a young child.

This process just makes no sense.

At the school board meeting, two speakers made real sense to me. The first used an analogy. If you had a school bus going down the road and the wheels were smoking, would you take that bus out of service? This wrestling coach should have been taken out of service.

The other speaker, a grandmother, I think, was right on point: If your child was involved with the wrestling program, would you have handled it the same way?

McInroy is well educated and very well paid. However, with all this education and pay, I question his ability to make good decisions in a crisis.

His resolution to this situation wasn’t satisfactory. We will spend thousands of dollars for windows, cameras, expert advisers, more lawyers for legal advice and whatever else we need to assure this never happens again.

Money does not resolve situations. Good people with common sense resolve situations the right way.

The superintendent’s handling of this situation shows that he is not qualified to handle this type of employment. Many of us have put our names on a petition to have him ousted.

Common sense says that the wrestling coach should have been suspended until his original sex-abuse situation was handled.

It just shows, to me, the lack of leadership from the highest-paid individual that can never be trusted to make intelligent decisions concerning the health, safety and well-being of the students in the Bellwood-Antis School District.

Al Montanaro



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