Understand, accept growing climate change

The debate over climate change and global warming is growing more heated every day.

Is there global warming? Is there a climate crisis? Is there a climate apocalypse? Is there a climate emergency? Is there a climate catastrophe? Is climate change a hoax?

If there is global warming, is it caused by man? Or is global warming simply due to long-term natural climate cycles? If global warming is real, is there anything that man to do to slow the process or even reverse the process?

Global warming activists come from all walks of life and all ages, from senior politicians, scientists, an uneducated 15-year-old Swedish student and local letters to the editor.

All of these activists present the same solution to fix the global warming problem, and that is to reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Some activists even want to sue the oil companies, while others want to ban the usage of fossil fuels (New Green Deal) .

Apparently none of these activists realize that the reduction or elimination of fossil fuels is not possible.

Do they realize that in the USA there are more than 270 million cars and 133 million trucks on the road each day? These vehicles consume more than 392 million gallons of gas and 167 million gallons of diesel fuel daily. These figures do not include aircraft, farm equipment, electricity generation and on and on. What is the replacement?

Simply stated, how do you replace the proposed energy reduction? Cars and trucks powered by wind and solar are not possible, and truthfully stated there are no solutions.

The real explanation for climate change is the following:

Since the birth of the earth

(4.5 billion years ago), there have been five or six ice ages and interglacial periods.

During the current ice age (the one we are currently in), the Pleistocene Epoch ice age, ice covered Canada and most of the northern hemisphere at a depth of several thousand feet thick and in northern Pennsylvania the ice was over 1,000 feet thick.

Then around 11,700 years ago, the earth started to warm during an interglacial period and continues to warm until this day. During this warming period, the glaciers retreated to their current levels.

I am sure this was not manmade.

Summary: Global warming (or cooling) is caused by long-term natural climate cycles, not by man.

Man cannot change Mother Nature. Climate change is a naturally occurring event since the day the earth was created.

Naturally occurring events such as the earth’s axial tilt, the earth’s orbit and the change in the strength of the sun are the major factors in climate change.

There is nothing that can be done by man to stop naturally occurring climate change.

David Lehman

Roaring Spring


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