Trump picks wrong place to give sermon

Last Thursday morning, the president of our beloved country decided the national prayer breakfast was the appropriate place to criticize how people pray.

Not only did he choose to criticize how people pray, but he also chose to say whether individuals actually prayed or not when they claimed to.

This is beyond unacceptable.

I have never liked the term “Never-Trumper” because as humans we learn from our mistakes, and we should strive to improve ourselves, our actions and our reactions.

Each of us deserves the right to redeem ourselves, but his actions toward personal sacred prayer has moved me closer to that term more than anything else ever has.

This goes beyond politics, this goes beyond party, this goes beyond country, this goes beyond tantrums and constant insults.

It is ultimately disgusting, and anyone who has ever needed prayer to get them through a life event, a health scare, a hurtful loss of a loved one, should be appalled and ashamed of what came out of the mouth of our president.

This is not winning in any capacity and should not be ignored.

Clifford Mechalske



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