Romney, Pelosi are modern-day heroes

We don’t see them often, a man or woman, who has the courage to stand up against what they know is wrong.

But recently, we saw two such people — Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi (and our Democratic senators who backed them up).

We had a good chance to rid our country of a tyrant. (A tyrant is a cruel, oppressive ruler, despot, any person who exercises authority in an aggressive manner.)

In other words, Donald Trump.

One man, Romney, stood against his own party because he saw clearly that it was the right thing to do. He had nothing to gain and a lot to lose. He restored my faith in people. I don’t see how the rest can look themselves in the mirror.

I try to understand it. Can’t people see Trump for what he is? Or do they only care about their bank accounts? Don’t they know that there are other things that are more important than money?

Other things like fairness, honesty, kindness and human dignity, without which, we’re never truly alive, or truly free.

Donna L. Hamilton