Result of trial shows Trump’s power

Over the past few weeks we have watched Senate Republicans defy our founding fathers to defend the indefensible.

We have seen those who refuse to protect us from gun violence based on their interpretation of an amendment to the constitution ignore that very document to protect the president.

Many of them publicly admit that he is guilty of pressuring a foreign government to intervene in our elections.

From the very start, those who were charged with the responsibility of acting as jurors in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump have allowed him to call all of the shots.

They ignored the oath they swore and allowed jury tampering. They lamented the lack of evidence while refusing to allow evidence to be produced. They refused to allow the American people the right to hear witnesses.

Our entire way of government is based on a constitution that they have shredded.

It is easy to answer the question, “What if Barack Obama had done exactly what Donald Trump is accused of doing?”

In fact, no president has received the blind support that Trump has been given.

The Senate Republicans, under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, have proven that the things that they have always claimed to stand for just don’t matter.

They have overlooked an unhealthy relationship with the Russians, higher debt and big government.

They have decried the inactivity of the House of Representatives while refusing to vote on the hundreds of bills that have been sent to them. They have refused to acknowledge the reckless foreign policy Trump is pursuing.

They stand by as he personally profits from his presidency. Congress has abdicated its responsibility of oversight.

A co-equal branch of the government has allowed the president to nullify checks and balances, an important part of the framers’ intent.

There are those who voted for Trump because he promised to drain the swamp.

The past few weeks have proven that rather than draining it, the president is running it.

Barbara Tessin



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