Remember, gov’t belongs to the people

The United States is a republic. In fact, the United States is not a Democratic republic, but a representative republic.

The United States is not a democracy.

We hear this all the time, that we are a democracy. But a democracy means one person, one vote.

That is virtually impossible in the United States. ( “… and to the republic, for which it stands …”)

The country is too large to effectively be a democracy where the entire population votes on laws. We don’t vote on laws, but those who represent us do vote on laws.

We vote for those representatives, which is the main reason that everyone should participate in the voting process.

And we should always remember that our government belongs to the people.

The United States is a representative republic that requires the electoral college, so that all people/states are counted in the voting process for president of the United States.

The electoral college ensures smaller states that their votes will count.

The United States is the bastion of political freedom in the world. Ronald Reagan used these words to describe our country:

“If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to; this is the last stand on Earth.”

David Greenwood



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