GOP needs to take its lead from Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is Feb. 12 but it will be celebrated on Feb. 17 as part of Presidents Day.

Lincoln, whose nickname is “Honest Abe,” can claim the title of “Father of the Republican Party.”

Lincoln was celebrated for his political skills and personal qualities of humility, composure and compassion.

Donald Trump will never be honored with the nickname of “Honest Donald.”

He is dishonest, ignorant, susceptible to flattery, boorish, bumbling and polarizing.

Trump is supported by enablers like Sen. Patrick Toomey and Rep. John Joyce.

I am a lifelong Republican who is disgusted by the condition and direction of my party. I have joined a group of like-minded conservatives called “The Lincoln Project,” which seeks the defeat of Trump and his collaborators in the November election.

Only then can the GOP be reconstructed in the hallowed tradition of Abraham Lincoln.

James E. Wentz, USN (Ret)

McLean, Va.


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