County better off with Erb in charge

I am a Democrat who voted for Bruce Erb, who deserves to be the chairman of the Blair County commissioners.

Erb has vast knowledge on county affairs, proven leadership experience and is fiscally conservative yet demonstrates a balanced approach to meeting the challenging needs of our county.

These attributes make him the best person for the position.

In today’s world, somehow people think they can walk in and run the show, never with a need to learn and thinking they know it all.

Amy Webster has the chance to prove her value as a commissioner as the largest votegetter, which got her elected. It does not translate that she should be therefore the chair. That is an illogical conclusion.

I feel much safer as a taxpayer to have Erb, a principled, fair man who works with others for the common good of our county, be in charge.

Outside interests helped Webster get elected, and we need to support our own local interests.

We need to support those that share that same vision of making Blair County stronger, whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

Rebecca Y. Winkler



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