Wolf needs to curtail borrowing, severance tax

As we begin a new year, Gov. Tom Wolf will undoubtedly push once again for a severance tax.

This time the governor will claim that a severance tax will help to fund the RestorePA program he spent so much time selling in recent months.

When the governor was traveling across Pennsylvania touting the wonders of the RestorePA program, he spent little to no time explaining how he would pay for the program.

Perhaps that is because he does not want citizens to pay much attention to the fact that he is proposing to borrow money on their backs and to implement a severance tax that could lead to higher energy prices for consumers.

We must have a voice and say no to his borrowing and a severance tax.

Pennsylvania has a severance tax called the impact tax that has provided billions in revenue to all 67 counties since 2013.

If the governor and the legislature add an additional severance tax, we could experience a loss of jobs, less economic growth, higher consumer prices and ultimately no local control over tax revenue from an important industry in Pennsylvania.

RestorePA may sound great until we read the fine print on how it is to be funded.

Let’s say no to more borrowing and to a severance tax.

Cecilia Houser



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