Trump scoring win for non-politicians

In response to Elizabeth Shade’s continuing anti-President Donald Trump tirade in the Dec. 18 Mirror, I was surprised to see she actually got one thing correct in her rant.

The Democrats aren’t offering anything or anyone with any ideas, other than the tired old ones from the last 40 years they’ve been in Congress and other various government jobs.

She doesn’t mention the improved employment situation, the reversal of bad trade agreements, the strengthening of our military, the large number of women, whom she professes the president hates, on his staff and appointments to various government postings and a growing delight of voters with a president taking action instead of useless rhetoric, which her party espouses.

While I will admit I’m one of those over-50 white males who support our duly elected president, research is showing a growing segment of various groups switching from Democratic to Republican because of the disarray in the Democratic Party.

Supporting a non-politician with a penchant for saying what he thinks and feels takes much more backbone than hiding behind a mask and attacking single people for wearing a hat or carrying a sign denouncing the self-serving, un-caring, un-American Democrats currently elected but doing nothing but trying to tear down a presidency.

Trump can be crude, pushy and brash, but he has helped our country immensely regardless of what all these armchair diplomats seem to think.

How about this: Adopt voter ID before the next election, enforce voter ID on election day, and then we’ll see the true numbers of voters who vote.

Funny how the only ones against voter ID are Democrats, much like Ms. Shade.

Frank J. Kauffman



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