Traffic warning: Don’t narrow lanes

Thank you for the Mirror editorial warning of possible plans to narrow traffic lanes to “trap” motorists bypassing downtown Altoona.

We own a second residence in Jupiter, Florida, which abuts the town of Tequesta.

US Highway 1 was six lanes going through Tequesta with turning lanes into numerous businesses. Tequesta’s mayor, against opposition from both residents and business owners, pushed through a large, costly, year-long construction project that reduced the highway to four lanes, creating bike paths, sidewalks and fancy lighting.

The result is long rush-hour traffic jams, no increase in shoppers, no bikers because it’s too dangerous with cars crossing the path to enter/exit parking lots, and no pedestrians strolling along a busy highway where the shops are set back.

(Think of a nice pedestrian walkway along Plank Road. Who’s going to use it?)

They are currently studying the expense to reverse the project. You can read about it in the Palm Beach Post.

I grew up in the 1950s-60s, a short walk to the wonderful downtown Altoona we had before the misguided redevelopment.

Downtown will never return to its former glory, however the current revitalization is encouraging.

I may be wrong, but I fear plans to mess with 10th Avenue bypass and 12th Avenue will outrage drivers, increase traffic up through residential neighborhoods and/or over the 8th Street bridge to avoid forced slowdowns.

Lee Appleman



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