These dump Trump efforts are shameful

Since the beginning of this impeachment trial, I have both watched a lot and learned a lot.

I now know just how dumb the House managers really are, especially Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler and even Nancy Pelosi. Even though she is not one of the managers, she fits right in with stupidity.

A store in Washington, D.C., must have had a sale on Cracker Jacks, and that is where they got their credentials. All they can say is how much President Donald Trump has abused his power and executive privileges and how everything he has done is wrong.

If that would be the case — and normal people in the United States know it isn’t — maybe that would be all the better than to do nothing at all.

Trump has done more in his sleep, when he gets any, than President Barack Obama and Joe Biden did in eight years. They accomplished nothing. In fact, they did more harm than good.

They keep saying that Trump used the Biden investigation to help him get elected. Trump doesn’t need help to get him elected.

Biden says he didn’t have the prosecutor fired to help his son to stay out of trouble.

Why then, with his billions of dollars, did he give Ukraine six hours to have him fired or no money so they fired him and got their money but nothing has ever been said about him withholding the money?

If it wasn’t for his son, what did he need the prosecutor fired for in such a hurry?

Obama is just as bad for having him do it and doing nothing. So therefore, it was the right thing for Trump to investigate what they did.

Lenny Metz



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