Stiff penalties should await area vandals

After reading an article in the Altoona Mirror on Jan. 3, here is what I think should be done to the people responsible for the vandalism and graffiti and their belongings when and if they are caught.

These graffiti spewers should each be given a large can of spray paint and made to spray this paint over everything that they own.

Be it a bicycle/car/computer/cellphone/video console or clothes.

Let them feel what’s it’s like to have things destroyed that they cherish. Then make them work for each person by doing work on their property, and I mean work, not just cutting the lawn.

People work too hard to achieve what they own, unless it was handed down to them, but it’s still theirs.

Make sure that the people whose property was damaged are also compensated from these future Blair County inmates.

Ronald C. Norris