Social Security not an entitlement

It has recently been reported that President Donald Trump was said to have stated that, if he wins a second term, that he would gut Social Security and cut benefits, calling them entitlements.

Now, I worked and paid into the Social Security fund for over 40 years, and I take offense at anybody calling what I am receiving monthly as an entitlement.

As far as gutting this benefit, our senators and congressmen have done a fine job of hijacking funds from the Social Security system over the years, acting like it is their private slush fund.

As far as anybody knows, they have not devised a plan to pay back the money that they have “borrowed/stolen” from this fund.

They also have the nerve to say that the fund will be depleted by 2035 or 2040. If they would come up with a plan to repay this fund, instead of spending money on unnecessary items like they do, the fund could be solvent for many years to come.

They could also vote Social Security recipients a very decent COLA raise.

I feel that any action to gut the Social Security system will not only anger those recipients further, but those who agree to this action could result in Trump and those who support him getting put out of office when election time rolls around.

William Harber



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