President’s progress should be acknowledged

I understand that a well-known Christian magazine recently published an editorial in favor of the impeachment and removal from office of our president, Donald J. Trump.

Other Christians have also called for his removal.

I’m a Christian and a supporter of Trump. These calls for impeachment many times are based on the fact that Trump is not an upright, moral person, and is not worthy to be president.

Trump is not a politician but a businessman. He is running the country as it should be run. And, as far as morals are concerned, do you think that most government officials in Washington, D.C. are upright, moral individuals?

We didn’t expect Trump to be the savior. We already have a savior.

The evidence for the job Trump is doing is clearly evident. He seems to be the first politician that actually is doing what he said he would do.

This is one Christian who will vote for Donald Trump again.

David Greenwood



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