Planned Parenthood funding important

Currently, the people of the United States are debating whether or not the government should continue to fund Planned Parenthood. When the facts are evaluated, the answer becomes quite obvious.

This is not simply a matter of whether or not abortion should be legal. People tend to believe that the only thing that Planned Parenthood does is perform abortions.

That is very far from the truth.

One of the many things that Planned Parenthood does is STD and HIV testing and treatment. Sexually transmitted diseases are a growing problem in the United States. They are becoming more and more common.

Some of these diseases or infections can lead to much more serious things, such as cancer. HIV is notoriously deadly and a very serious virus. People need a safe place to go and have these tests and treatments done, without feeling ashamed or degraded. Planned Parenthood provides that.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood provides birth control. The irony of the Planned Parenthood funding debate is that many people who do not support abortion, do not support Planned Parenthood.

However, Planned Parenthood is trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Easy and cost-efficient access to birth control, combined with proper education, can lower the amount of unwanted pregnancies and, ultimately, abortions.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood provides patients with screenings for reproductive cancers. Examples of reproductive cancers are breast cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Cancer is a devastating disease that has affected everyone in one way or another.

Planned Parenthood allows people to be screened for these cancers. If they test positive, Planned Parenthood can assist in getting the patient the help they desperately need.

So next time you decide to protest outside of a Planned Parenthood center, or support those who do, remember that your protests are most likely not being heard by someone getting an abortion. The patient entering or leaving the center that is slandered by protesters may not have gotten an abortion.

They may have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and then condemned in the name of religion-based ignorance.

Planned Parenthood provides people with the help that they need, and does much more than abortions. Cutting Planned Parenthood funding would be detrimental to the health of many citizens of the United States.

Tresten McCalpin



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