Pelosi to blame for impeachment scam

Adam Schiff is a total disgrace to the Congress that his constituents elected him to.

The streets of his district overflow with garbage, drugs, human waste and disease while he pursues myths and fabricated lies. He’s just another sold-out swamp prostitute.

Schiff and cohorts Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi left viewers shocked as Pelosi announced who would serve as the House Democrats’ impeachment managers in the Senate impeachment trial. The 79-year-old speaker could not get through a sentence without stuttering and stammering and mispronouncing names.

Pelosi’s brain freezes are so bad her fellow Democrats should no longer ignore it as it has been going on forever.

Pelosi has been preaching to the American people that impeaching a sitting president is never anything to “celebrate.” She insists that it is a “sad, solemn, prayerful” process.

Then last week it all changed. Pelosi had a full-on celebration — smiling and giddy as she signed the articles of impeachment with gold souvenir commemorative pens each with her own signature embossed in gold on each pen on a gold tray. (Courtesy of the American taxpayers).

It continued with posing for photographs as she handed out each gold taxpayer-paid pen to her fellow Democrats.

The three corrupt musketeers said about the impeachment that if the Senate doesn’t do everything “they want,” the Senate is participating in a coverup.

This threesome would be funny if they weren’t so disgustingly corrupt as they had been with the House impeachment scam inquiry.

Roxine Copp



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