Opinions and facts must be separated

I am writing in response to the Layne Thiele letter to the editor on Dec. 30.

Thiele’s letter was the most biased letter — filled with speculation, half truths, words taken out of context, hate and outright lies about our president.

It never should have been printed.

Thiele’s letter defending Barack Obama was laughable, stating he had no policy to separate immigrant children, and on Obama’s historic six years of economic growth.

Please research those topics to see how Thiele is misleading the public.

Thiele’s letter puts words in our president’s mouth. I have never heard anyone speculate that President Donald Trump said, “Article 2 of the constitution means that he can do whatever he wants without penalty.”

The American people can see with clear vision that Thiele’s letter is just biased hot air filled with hate. What really concerns me is his outright lies about our president.

Thiele stated “Ukraine did not interfere with our election and the fact that he withheld $391 million from an ally so Ukraine could do him a favor, though, is where violation of Article 1 comes in.”

That statement is a factual lie.

Trump never said “him” and two members of the House of Representatives were rebuked on the House floor for using the word “him” in their opening statements.

Trump said “us.” You can spin or tell lies all you want but facts are facts.

Also, Thiele stated that witnesses and documents were turned over in the Clinton and Nixon impeachment trials. In the Clinton trial, there were no witnesses.

It was voted 100-0 in the Senate not to have witnesses — which was argued by Democrat Chuck Schumer, that there should be no witnesses.

Nixon was never impeached by the full House of Representatives. There was never any trial witnesses or documents. He resigned August 8, 1974 — another factual mistruth from Thiele.

In the Trump impeachment, the House decided not to go to court to obtain witnesses or documents. They even decided to retract a subpoena that was already sent.

It’s sad when editors from news organizations do not know opinion from truth. Everyone has an opinion and should be able to express their views, but to print outright lies about anyone or on any topic is just wrong.

I don’t want to offend anyone, as some would say, for using the word lie, but there is a big difference between an outright lie and an opinion.

If anyone ever wonders why Trump calls out the fake news media, Thiele and the Mirror are an excellent example.

Perry Lukens



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