Most Republicans are afraid of Trump

After listening almost all day to the Republicans defending President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, it would seem that these people think Joe and Hunter Biden are the ones on trial.

They went on and on about their corrupt dealings in Ukraine — and I mean on and on. What they are really trying to do is to get Biden permanently out of the race. Even if everything they said about him is true, this impeachment trial is about Trump.

After they spent several hours bashing the Bidens, they started on President Barack Obama and all of his wrongdoings. Even if every statement could be corroborated, Obama never faced impeachment, not even close.

I have been listening to this testimony for approximately five hours and I have yet to hear one statement made in defense of the charges against the president.

Joe and Hunter Biden are not on trial. Obama is not on trial. So, what they are obviously trying to do is to detract from the truth of the high crimes and misdemeanors of the president.

They would like all of us to focus on something or someone else to get Trump out of the limelight. With what came out today from John Bolton, Trump’s ship just sank a little lower.

After hearing Trump’s own incriminating words repeated over and over during the prosecution, and seeing eyewitness testimony being played concerning Trump’s abuse of office, I don’t know how anyone can think he should be acquitted.

It is my hope that Justice Roberts will allow witnesses and documents to be presented. Anything else is simply a huge miscarriage of justice.

Most of the Republicans are still terrified of Trump, knowing that he will make their life a living hell if they go against him, their head on a pike, as it were.

As Adam Schiff said, truth matters, right matters.

Elizabeth Shade



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