McConnell, not Trump, is country’s real danger

With all the rage on both sides, there is a simple answer: Vote them all out. From Trump on down, everyone must go.

We need a whole new House and Senate. Each member fears the next election, so let’s make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Vote everyone out so we can get a fresh start. I know there are risks for each of us as many feel their representative is best.

But that is likely based on little information. We get comfortable and assume they represent us. In all likelihood, they represent themselves, focused on being re-elected.

I truly fear the future if Trump is re-elected, but what is worse is if Mitch McConnell is re-elected. The grim reaper is a power monger of the worst kind.

He prevents almost any legislation to come forward. So when Democrats are called out to be do-nothings, really it is McConnell who is the do-nothing. He is a danger almost as great as Trump himself. He is not about doing the people’s business; he is about own business, which is party power first, and all else is a distant second.

As he demonstrates repeatedly, he determines what bills come up for votes, what nominees get approved. Obviously, he will never allow Trump to be removed from office even if he feels he is a danger to America and the world if it means that he keeps power.

He is the evil one and must go. A clean sweep, Mitch McConnell is gone. Maybe some hope for America.

Stephen LoRusso



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