Impeachment marks sad day

I had a friend of mine ask me a couple weeks ago why I haven’t written any letters to the editor lately.

Well, my response was that the last time I wrote a comment, I received a letter in the mail threatening myself and my family. So much for the party of tolerance.

Wednesday, Dec. 18, was a sad day for our country. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, this was not an occasion to celebrate. So, seeing members of Congress shouting and clapping for impeachment is very sad.

Do these people not understand what they have done?

This is not a thing to be happy about, on either side of the aisle. The president was impeached in one of the houses of government.

I can only hope that a lot of the members of the House weighed their decision because this will affect our country for years to come.

Like or hate him, Trump is the president, and now it is up to the Senate to decide what comes next.

Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019, was a sad day for the United States of America.

Kelly Leydig



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