Don’t blame Trump on Social Security

The Jan. 14 letter written by William Harber about Social Security, not an entitlement, was very interesting at best.

Snopes.com and many other sites have concluded the statement President Donald Trump saying he would gut Social Security, cut benefits, calling them entitlements, was false.

Finding it hard to believe any president would make such a ridiculous statement, I did some fact finding on Social Security.

I believed for many years our government took money from Social Security and never repaid the money back, as Harber does.

This is a long-time myth. The federal government has not pilfered a dime. They issued debt securities and repay with interest. It may not sound right, but it’s true.

I agree with Harber that people on Social Security deserve more.

The flawed COLA bill was passed in 1972 by the 92nd Congress, which had 54 Democratic senators and 44 Republicans. The House had 255 Democrats and 180 Republicans.

This bill was totally written by the Democratic party and signed into law by President Richard Nixon, a Republican. There is much speculation why Nixon signed the bill.

COLA is not an accurate representation of America’s everyday cost of living.

The Obama administration had a perfect opportunity to improve this flawed law but chose to do nothing to help the people on Social Security. To assume blame on Trump is not an accurate statement.

Many presidents along with local, state, and government elected officials over the years have done nothing to try to improve this insufficient COLA law.

It is mind-boggling.

Perry Lukens



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