Criminal justice system sorts out facts, opinions

Folks keep telling me that all presidents lie and are corrupt.

There really isn’t any credible way to determine how often each president has lied to make any meaningful determination since tracking of lies via that “Pinocchio” review only started within the last decade or so.

There is enough information to check out the corruption part of this claim.

Since corruption has a criminal connotation, only crimes committed within each administration are considered. This should eliminate opinion or bias and just stick to facts.

The best source for this information is the criminal justice system, using only felony indictments and convictions that occurred by each administration.

A good starting point is the Nixon administration, where there were 76 indictments with 55 convictions.

The Ford administration had one indictment and one conviction.

The Carter administration had one indictment but no convictions.

The Reagan administration had 26 indictments with 16 convictions.

The G.H.W. Bush administration had one indictment with one conviction.

The Clinton administration had three indictments with two convictions.

The G.W. Bush administration had 16 indictments with nine convictions.

The Obama Administration had zero indictments with zero convictions.

The Trump administration has six indictments with six convictions so far, with more investigations pending.

So far, Republican administrations have 126 indictments with 88 convictions. Democratic administrations have four indictments with two convictions.


I think the facts speak for themselves, but go a long way to identify the party of law and order based on behavior.

The good news, though, is not all presidents are or were corrupt with several demonstrating stellar behavior.

So this claim can be considered a myth.

Bernie Mayancsik



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