Bellwood board ‘could not have known’ about Lynn

I am coming to the support of the Bellwood-Antis School Board.

There was no way anyone could have known all this about Jason Lynn. I could have easily voted for him had I been on the current school board.

A few years back, Lynn called me for support for an open election that he was in. I met with him at his house, and there was no sign of any wrongdoing at that time.

I heard a person say that maybe the school board should have dug deeper into his qualification for school board.

Our board has always chosen and accepted the very best available in our community to serve all our children and families.

We have no right to enter into searching the homes of every candidate.

Our country is still paying a very heavy price for the 9/11 event and the cost is still soaring. People are coming unglued over many issues.

May common sense still prevail.

J. Perry Haupt



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