Trump’s track record makes him hard to trust

As I scan all the letters to the editor and the replies posted on the Mirror’s website, I often get distressed.

The divisions that exist are so clearly on display that it is at times troubling. Regardless, one of the things I see are individuals arguing about policy issues — taxes, jobs, deficits, etc. All of these topics to me miss the point of where we are today.

Each party has their own policy agenda and Republicans’ agendas are focused on low taxes for the rich, cut social programs, etc., while Democrats tend to focus on the opposite.

Taxes are the government’s way to provide services to the people. Like them or not, when one party is in power this is the focus, and the other argues against those policies. It is the kind of healthy debate we should have. But there is more at stake now.

I allow Republicans to have their day arguing for lower taxes on the rich, because it is what they do. But we are at a time where the nation and the world are in a different place. Leaders who focus more on grievance and victimization of themselves are carrying us to a place we as Americans should never consent to go.

President Donald Trump is an individual who has placed the foundation of what America is and what it stands for at great risk. Leaders are supposed to inspire, but there is no inspiration from this president. He focuses on how everyone is doing him wrong. His ability to sway opinion with his manner and tone of speech is scary.

He has taken the same role that many dictators have taken. He claims that anyone who dares say they disagree with him is not to be trusted. They are true enemies of the people.

I do not think many people who support the president are seeing the risks that he poses for what America is and what it stands for. Americans need to look beyond the policy decisions and see the man for who and what he is.

He wants to join the club of world leaders who profit from their office as if it is their right — as if making money as president is one of the perks of the job. This, of course, means that policies based on this are always biased to advantage the leader, and not the country.

I do not want to slip into policy arguments here. Instead, I would like to see everyone take a good solid look at this man and see what he actually stands for. He stands for himself. He alone is the only one telling the truth. He alone is the only one to be trusted.

His friend Vladimir Putin’s words about election interference are to be believed over the FBI, CIA. Why would Putin lie? Again, is this president a man we can or should trust?

Stephen LoRusso



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