Trump more than earned impeachment

America has entered another chapter of history that no real American would relish, but this one is necessary for the survival of our Republic/Democracy.

It has become apparent that Donald Trump does not know what his limits are. He has said Article II of the constitution means that he can do whatever he wants without penalty.

Junior high students know that it is not true.

I admit I didn’t like Trump after hearing and watching him on TV. He mocked women, disabled, John McCain and Gold Star parents and his constant lies, which he is at 15,000 now. Also, the media is his enemy, FBI are Nazis and only one news station that compliments him is real.

I was very angry when Trump called Latinos murderers/rapists and that KKK/white supremacists are good people, too. I was angered also that he put in place a policy that separated immigrant children from their parents (no, President Barack Obama did not have a policy to do that).

Trump also misstated that Obama handed him a crappy economy when in fact Obama had a historic six years of recovery of steady economic growth. It angers me that Trump rolled back regulations to allow more dirt in the air and poisons in our waters.

These are the public’s air and water, and at some point, we are going to have to clean this up. It would be nice if Trump would clean up Flint’s and Detroit’s water.

Impeachment is a hoax, etc. No Trump did not read the Constitution, specifically Articles I and II. Before elected, Trump asked for Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails and the next day, the emails were dumped.

After elected, Trump said Bob Mueller’s investigation was a witch hunt, but according to the FBI and 11 other agencies, it was Russia that interfered with our election.

Was is wrong for Trump at the G20 Summit to side with Putin and call our agencies liars? Trump sounds like a lapdog for Putin, and it is embarrassing.

Ukraine did not interfere with our election and the fact that he withheld $391 million from an ally so Ukraine could do him a favor, though, is where violation of Article I comes in.

Article II: He obstructed Congress by giving his staff and others complete immunity and also defied Congress’ rightful power to hand over documents.

All I can say is if he is innocent, please hand over the documents and allow witnesses to testify like President Richard Nixon and President Bill Clinton did.

For these things, it is why Trump was impeached, and he earned it.

Layne B. Thiele



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