Punish offenders, not Catholic Church

What is the goal of extending the sex abuse window?

Is it to punish the Catholic Church? Perhaps to leave it in bankruptcy?

I agree with punishing offenders. But extending this window does not hit the nail on the head.

Let’s look at the story in a different light: Say that the offenders were top-ranking Girl Scout leaders. Changes were made, counseling, compensation, heads rolled.

But there are still older cases. Should we pursue them — demand more compensation from the Girl Scouts Organization? But whose money is it? Remember all those Girl Scout cookies.

Likewise, with the Catholic Church. Reforms have been made to avoid future problems, heads have rolled.

The church and its bishops recognize the responsibility, indeed the Christian obligation to help those who suffer.

But is bankrupting the church punishing the offenders — the individuals who committed the atrocious crimes?

Consider: the money comes not “from” but “through” the dioceses. The money is the sacrificial donations of many families and individuals.

Grace Y. Szwarc



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