Pope should stay out of political business

Pope Francis will most certainly go down in history as the world’s first “Woke Pope.”

When he’s not rambling on about climate change or threatening eternal punishment for “sins against the earth,” he’s railing for open borders and no walls.

Most recently, he compared President Donald Trump to a figure in the Bible who not only tried to kill the Jesus Christ but massacred innocent children.

While speaking with some Jesuit brothers, he spoke of his condemnation of POTUS and his comparison between POTUS and evil King Herod.

Pope Francis is upset that Trump is trying to “stop” the slaughter of the unborn — whereas King Herod was slaughtering the newly born. So by default, the Pope supports child sacrifice and sees POTUS as opposed to child sacrifice and, therefore, doesn’t like Trump.

So Planned Parenthood must be an arm of the Catholic Church, otherwise, none of what the Trump hating Pope says makes any sense.

Francis needs to stay out of political business and needs to stay focused to oversee the masses of his pedophile perverted priests under him, which has been a proven fact and has ruined the lives of thousands of innocent young children.

And living behind his wall with Swiss Security at the Vatican and then condemning Trump for building the wall at the U.S. border is nothing more than hypocritical.

Roxine Copp



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