Downtown traffic worth studying

We feel that the message of the Mirror’s editorial on Dec. 6 missed the mark.

It characterized the study goal as one to “trap” traffic in downtown in an effort to increase revitalization efforts. That is simply not the case.

The goal is to examine traffic flows in and out of the city with hopes of addressing the high rates of speed and turning safety on the 10th Avenue Expressway.

Also, there is some consideration given to possibly turning 12th Avenue into a two-way street again, possibly between 13th Street to 18th Street, again to increase safety for pedestrian crossings and ease some of the frustration off of 17th Street, where drivers currently need to use the alley (Bridge Street) to get to 13th Avenue.

In the end, we know that the current speeds of both 12th Avenue and the 10th Avenue Expressway are not consistent with a downtown urban experience. But it is not intended to trap drivers.

These options are simply being examined as part of this study, so nothing is pre-determined.

I wanted to clarify that given that we feel the tone and understanding contained in the editorial as factually incorrect.

Stephen McKnight

President and CEO, ABCD


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