Cartoon anything but humorous

Does the Mirror really think the Altoona citizens are so ignorant that they would look at your cartoon from Nov. 23 regarding Ambassador Yovanovitch and find it amusing?

That cartoon shows what an embarrassment the organization Americans for limited government is.

Yovanovitch is a true patriotic American who has been working for decades in the foreign service to help protect the United States. He has worked to protect Americans from our adversaries, Russia, North Korea, etc., who are out to hurt America.

President Donald Trump is trying to intimate and threaten a career diplomat who can help to prove to the American people just how much of a corrupt traitor to America that Trump is.

Trump is out for his own personal financial and political enrichment at the expense of the average American.

A traitor to America such as Trump has to be impeached, indicted, convicted and locked up. True Americans will vote Democrat Bernie Sanders for president in 2020.

Tom Trybus Sr.



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