Army Corps of Engineers has shown transparency

A recent letter written to the Mirror needs to be challenged.

Janet Chambers, a former resident of Huntingdon County, and specifically Hesston and Raystown area, is expressing her opinion that we should support another access to the lake. There are many hidden facts to her opinion.

Does the approval of the project benefit her financially?

The Army Corps of Engineers has reported that the lake is already overcrowded and provided numbers to back up their statement.

Do we really need another access? How will this so-called $89 million project improve the economy of Huntingdon County? This dam has been there for over 50 years.

She writes that this money will be lost. How can you lose something you never had? A very small amount of that total would ever reach the county government.

The people of this county should thank the Army Corps of Engineers for making residents aware of potential problems. Transparency is always a plus.

R. Dean Fluke

James Creek


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