Adults should be setting example on cell phones

What are we thinking when we give our 7-year-old a cell phone?

It’s only the beginning of major family problems.

At first, the reason is so we can keep in touch in case of emergencies or that a friend has one, and you don’t want your child to be without.

These are good intentions that become out of hand as soon as it becomes impossible to live without.

Addiction is another word parents and all involved — particularly those giving to the precious young people in our lives — need to think about.

We probably don’t see the color of their eyes because they are glued to the cell.

We see families at restaurants not socializing because each is on a cell.

The other day a friend told me their child lost their privilege to have a cell because of poor grades and not being respectful of adults.

Spending too much time without sleep because of texting most of the night is another concern.

Driving in my car, in the other lane, someone was texting. You see it all the time. We are all guilty of this. We need to set an example and help our children learn from us. Stop the overuse of the phone.

Kudos to the parents who give restrictions.

The holidays are coming. Put down the phone addiction and enjoy each other’s company.

Get Mr. Rogers in our neighborhood again.

Dorothy Cavalet



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