Vets’ recognition could be computerized

I returned home from Vietnam on Feb. 5 and was in a train station in Trenton, N.J.

A group of anti-war protesters with signs and chanting slogans walked through. There I sat in my Army uniform and a nice tan.

My back was turned to them so I don’t think they noticed me.

I felt like I was in danger, instead of being welcomed as a hero. We got a raw deal way back then.

For the most part, I got over it. Events like that make veterans touchy after years of nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety.

I still get that look, wearing a Vietnam veteran’s hat.

Going to the VA in Altoona, I noticed that pictures of veterans were removed. My picture was never on there as I’m sure photos of a lot of other veterans aren’t, either.

I saw two recent letters in the Mirror condemning removing the pictures.

I feel that putting pictures on a computer is an OK idea for me. Times have changed. The pictures can still be seen on a computer. Probably hardly anyone looks at those pictures anyway.

Family members most likely don’t even go to the VA. I wonder how often we visit a grave site of a veteran known to us.

Maybe add my picture to the computer since there is more room there.

Besides that, the wall is outside for every veteran killed in Vietnam, including my cousin. The computer has pictures of veterans from all wars.

What does bug me is they have a picture of President Donald Trump but not of the vice president on the entrance wall. They have some VA big shot instead.

They should put Vice President Mike Pence next to Trump and the executive on the end.

Ken Brantner Sr.



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