Trump leading USA down the wrong path

Let us all Americans keep our democracy alive.

The United States Constitution has served us well for 230 years and will continue to do so only if we remove President Donald Trump.

Otherwise, Trump will make this country a monarchy. Trump’s actions on a daily basis make him unsuitable for president, let alone king of the United States. I want better for all of the United States, not a monarchy. I want to be able to vote without foreign interference in our elections.

Trump committed this crime. Not once, but often. Follow the facts. Trump violates the constitution on every aspect.

Republican senators go with the flow. They lie to the American people and play Trump’s childish behavior. The senators must be reminded that they took an oath to the constitution.

How many senators actually read the Mueller Report? Not many. The Mueller Report will open your eyes.

Trump does character assassination on anyone who defies him. Who does Trump think he is? He is not above the law. Trump degraded Vindman on Alexander Vindman’s testimony. Shame on Trump.

Remember he dodged the draft with phony bone spurs. Vindman loves this country, for he has proven it by serving for 20 some odd years and is still serving to this day.

Fox News suggested espionage on Vindman. Fox News tells lies.

Trump believes his base is just stupid enough to let him in office. I can’t believe any Republican with a decent education would support Trump.

Trump states his taxes are under audit. IRS officials said on national TV that the audit is done, so why not show his taxes? What does he not want the American people to see?

Trump constantly shames Hunter Biden. What do you think Trump’s children are doing? They are overseas in Russia, making millions. Follow the facts.

Trump held up military aid to Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers were being killed, waiting on our Javelins. About the Kurds, they deserve better. Trump’s stunt in Syria hurt our military on a personal level. Why would anyone who served or is now serving our country vote for Trump?

I believe Trump committed treason in Helsinki. He spent hours behind closed doors with Putin. Translator’s notes were taken by Trump. We, as the people of this country, deserve to know what was said.

It’s all about Trump. He makes himself first in everything he does. He is not above the law. Trump deserves no less than to be removed from office.

He is a Putin puppet. Follow the facts. All roads lead to Putin.

I’m proud to be a Democrat.

Jacqueline Tepsic



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